Richard Stallman: „GNU Taler is the alternative to Bitcoin“

In a recent interview, Richard Stallman (RMS), relates Bitcoin to China and what that means for the privacy of its users. He also suggests an alternative called GNU Taler, which is not even a crypto-currency, but which he says could be used for digital payments.

Who is Richard Stallman?

Richard Matthew Stallman, often known as RMS, is an American programmer and founder in 1983 of the free software movement. He is also the creator of the GNU operating system.

He also invented the concept of Copyleft and the GPL. In addition to this, he has developed many computer programs, such as Emacs, GCC and GNU Debugger.

At the same time, he has written many essays related to free software, its ethics and practical application, and the dangers it faces.

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What is GNU Taler?
GNU Taler is an electronic payment and micro transaction system based on free software.

Taler is short for „Taxable Free Economic Reserves“. In fact, it is supported by Richard Stallman.

Unlike Bitcoin, GNU Taler is not a crypto-currency, but a payment system designed to be used for anonymous business cancellations.

In addition, the payer uses a signature or token, one needed with each purchase, to get money from the system. So it’s an alternative to Bitcoin?

Meanwhile, according to an article published in Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering, GNU Taler is described as complying with ethical considerations. The paying customer is anonymous, while the merchant is identified and taxed.

GNU Taler is not a crypto currency

Richard Matthew Stallman, say you can use your bank account to get tokens from Taler. Also, you can spend them and whoever receives the money won’t be able to tell who paid him.

Very importantly, Immediate Edge Taler is totally anonymous at all times.

It is important to note that Richard Stallman does not use electronic payment systems, and that includes Bitcoin, because „every Bitcoin transaction is published.

„People may not know that my wallet belongs to me, but if I use it a few times it might be feasible to imagine that it belongs to me. I prefer to use cash, and that’s the way I buy things.

According to Stallman, the European Community seems interested in supporting payments with GNU Taler, and he mentions that there has already been positive evidence, although he acknowledges that „it is not something that anyone can use right now but it will be, and it will be really exciting.

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